On Growing Up and Moving Out: Some Advice to Targeted Individuals

by Kevin D. Annett

April 20, 2017

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A subconscious need to please and placate our parents arising from the guilt that we have not lived up to their expectations: this attitude conditions our view of authority. And so like any untreated abused child, when authority attacks or threatens us we tend to defer to it, rushing into its arms and seeking relief and understanding from it, the very force that is oppressing us. Even the most politically conscious or self-aware individual falls prey to this infantile psychic condition, which is that of the trapped child unable to challenge and leave its parental sphere or even imagine a world outside such authority. Until we have released ourselves from this dreadful chimera, any possibility of fundamental social change or even effective dissent is pure illusion. - Erich Fromm


This past week, not surprisingly, two of my friends who have publicly challenged ritual child torture and trafficking in Canada were suddenly attacked and threatened with the loss of their children or their professional livelihood. Their response to this assault has been the same: to seek relief within the courts of the very authority that is attacking them.

Neither of these friends are uninformed or naive individuals; on the contrary, they have fought the system for years and understand its implacable and criminal nature. But when personally struck and threatened with losing what they love, their first reflex has been to toss their understanding out the window with the discredited belief that “things can be worked out” with their attacker. They refuse to see that they have both been targeted for elimination because of who they are. And so they both anxiously exclaimed to me,

“What alternative do I have but to negotiate?”

“Walk away from them” I answered. “Seek out your own justice.”

“But that will just get me in worse trouble” was their timid refrain.

Max Planck was a smart old man, for a scientist. A century or more ago he discovered that all matter is actually energy, despite its appearance of solidity. And not being exempt from the laws of the universe, society is like that, too. An apparently immoveable institution is in fact a constantly-changing energy field that is either fed or dissipated. And each of us, also being energy, can either nourish it or redirect its energy, once we know our own true nature.

The particular energy signal of the thing that is attacking my two friends this week feeds off fear, and directs it to paralyze and capture the energy of its targets. That’s always how a criminal institution deals with its critics: by nudging or bludgeoning them back into the fold where they can be fed off, or wiped out. And the reason that usually works is because even the most erudite activist or specialist has not mastered their own energy signal – what Sun Tzu inThe Art of War calls the “shih” – and so must habitually hand it over to their adversary with the helpless and fearful attitude: “What else can I do?”

Let’s talk basics. We and our children and nature itself are all facing a global war of extermination. We all are at risk just living in the 21st century because we are in a state of permanent war. And yet when we clash with the system waging war on us and attacks begin against us, we respond like people who are in a state of peace. We rely on a humanity and good will in our enemy that is not there. In short, we are not mentally geared to the conditions of war, which is a fatal condition to be in.

Being at war means operating according to a rock solid realism, which means seeing situations and opponents as they are and not as we want them to be: including when those forces attack us personally. And that’s the hard part. For as any perusal of the internet shows us, it’s easy for us to have solutions to dangers brought against others. But when the same dangers strike at us, we tend to run for cover behind the barricade of our own illusions and our dependency on the very system that is seeking our compliance or our destruction.

Growing up and moving out from dependency is never an easy thing to do, especially for one who is acclimatized to the pseudo-securities of job, family and home. The mental cage that keeps us bound to the status quo, despite all our best intentions, consists of our careful calculating of our actions according to what we might gain in relation to what we might lose. The kept soul always wants a way out of any risky situation and some absolute guarantee of safety before they act.

In reality, the issue is never about the risk involved in any conflict but rather our own fear of loss and ending. Until that fear is faced and surmounted and we recover our own shih, we are inwardly helpless before any close attack pressed against us. And our adversary knows that very well.

Sun Tzu said that in any battle, whatever we love makes us vulnerable, and must therefore be relinquished. My two friends are indicating by their actions that they are unwilling to do so. And consequently their enemy knows exactly how to control them and direct their shih energy.

Common sense (and Sun Tzu) tells us that when facing a more powerful adversary, we must not engage it on its terms but withdraw in order to dissipate its attack and find the space and time to act on our own terms. But walking away from their enemy is not an option for either of my friends: not simply because of their fear of doing so but more fundamentally because they are still caught in the mindset and shih energy of their enemy.

For example, the immediate concern of both of my friends was what not what they themselves would do next, but what their adversary would do. Their eyes were on another rather than their own substance. In fact, when attacked, we must never respond on the terms of our enemy, which only feeds its power. Rather, we create our own terrain and terms of battle. For whoever sets the terms tends to win the battle, if experience teaches us anything. But to do that we must first focus on and garner our own shih.

Regardless of your size in relation to a big institution, you can set the terms and define the terrain of the battle, provided that you don’t first surrender your shih to your opponent.

But what is equally true is that you can’t do so alone. Rather than even respond to the letters or threats of your adversary, you must first seek out others who will help you establish your own power. You must create a collective counterweight to what is assaulting you, since it is near-impossible for one individual on their own to break from the status quo and establish their own shih. An equal counterweight is needed to a big power: that’s just simple physics. And so you must immediately go public, make a stink, and rally others to you, if only to show your enemy that you are not alone.

I recommended this response to both of my friends, but neither of them could hear me. Their only concern was what the bad guy might do to them next, and how they could individually avoid being hurt. They were afraid of others knowing what happened to them in case that might upset the adversary and “compromise” a settlement. Such a capitulated, defensive mentality has already lost my friends the battle, since they have surrendered their own autonomy and capacity to maneuver and respond on their own terms, which is the only safeguard of a smaller force against a bigger one.

Anyone who is targeted for institutional destruction faces exactly these same dilemmas and choices. The targeted individual learns very quickly that their biggest weakness is their own learned deference to authority: to not upsetting the raised hand of the parental figure. But for those who have let go of the conditioned habit to win the approval of authority, they quickly learn that their capacity to out maneuver and overcome their bigger and more cumbersome opponent is limitless.

Fear, as always, is the main barrier to such empowerment. Most people still don’t believe me when I tell them I have no regular income and have no worry about where it will come from. They do not understand me because they have not personally experienced the liberating effect of losing everything and everyone in one’s life and yet still being alive and capable. Once the fear of death is gone, an eternal life and power is opened in each one of us. And that power is the only safeguard of anyone suddenly caught in the cross hairs of tyranny.

My two friends who are battling in fear this week do not understand that fact yet in a way that will cause them to act differently. They will have to learn from their own pain and experience that what is actually being asked of them by their adversary is not a mere compliance with wrong but the surrender of their very substance. Energetically, that is after all the nature of the parasitic corporate entity that we all face: it wants to incorporate all of us into itself, which literally means to make us dead, as part of its own corpse. But for that to happen what must die first is our belief in ourselves and our own capacity to say no and act on our own terms, regardless of the dangers facing us.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The only real fear that nags at official authority is not that the people will resist it, but that they will ignore it.”

Go forth and do so, and reclaim the world.


Author’s Note:  More of the strategy and outlook in this article is elaborated in my book Truth Tellers Shield: A Whistle Blower’s Manual which can be ordered at amazon.com and https://www.createspace.com/6534773

In a Mirror, Darkly: Some Advice to a Holocaust Denier from Kevin D. Annett

News item: Ottawa, March 8, 2017 – Canadian Senator Lynn Beyak defends Indian residential schools, claims “they didn’t mean to harm anybody”

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Senator Lynn Beyak


Dear Lynn,

It’s been said that life in the Canadian Senate is so droll that all you can hear is the sound of cud-chewing and pork barreling. So I want to thank you for proving all those cynics wrong. I had no idea that your snug little coterie of hack political appointees could produce a thinker of such unusual originality as yourself!

What a breath of fresh air to actually hear a Canadian politician claim that black really is white, and with such absolute conviction! And to think that I had lost hope in the capacity of any of our leaders here in the Great White North to master Machiavellian realpolitick. Well done, I say!

Senator, I grant you an A plus in terms of effort, but if you allow me, I have some counsel for you concerning the best way to propagate your particular Big Lie. In a word, you’re too brash. Subtlety, after all, is always the best way to conceal Group Crime and convince people it never happened: something your Senate colleague Murray “Mister TRC Whitewash” Sinclair knows only too well.

Tone down your hyperbole, first of all. Even the most lily white, Injun-fearing Canuck is going to find it hard to swallow when you claim that your typical child-whacking priest was “only trying to do good” to all them savages. I mean, come on Lynn. Going out on a rhetorical limb like that just allows your self-righteous critics to cut you down with a simple citing of the constant fifty percent death rate among all those brown kids in what you call “residential schools”.

The Big Lie, in short, has to be convincing.

Next point: to the neutral observer, you’re acting like a straight man in somebody else’s pre-arranged script. I mean, just look at how every aboriginal fat cat is jumping all over your words like a child rapist in heat. You’re handing Murray Sinclair, Pat Brazeau and all the other Sultans of Sellout the perfect way to pose as champions of the very people – their fellow Indians – who they’ve been screwing for years. Is that what you really want?

And as for your claim that the Christian internment camps actually saved rather than took the lives of the brown kids: again, there you go way out on a limb again, without any backup. Why not line up the usual gang of ass-kissing, around-the-fort ab-original “survivors” to publicly endorse your claim and affirm how wonderful life was in the camps? God knows, there are enough of them around. And they don’t charge much, either.

Finally, try to toss a few rhetorical crumbs to the beast known as Political Correctness. It’s the best way to disarm your critics. Give us a few lines about healing and reconciliation. Us pale Canucks love to hear those words. They make us feel so good about ourselves, which is after all the whole point of the exercise: especially now that we’re all part of a convicted criminal conspiracy.

Admittedly, none of these errors may be all that important in the long run considering what a splash you’re making in the press and among a whole lot of us pale Canucks. Finally there’s emerged a leader who says what all of them down-home churchgoers have felt but, being Canadians, have never said: that the Injuns have just had it too good and are milking us all dry, and shit, may even end up owning the whole frigging place again!

I hope you’re considering running for Prime Minister. Or maybe that’s what this is all about.

In any event, to really master the art of deception, Lynn, you have to understand the details of what you’re trying to spin. Knowing your enemy is the key to winning any battle, after all. So I urge you to look over some of the hard evidence of life and death in your alleged Fun O Rama called Indian residential schools, held in my twenty-year composition entitled Murder by Decree (www.murderbydecree.com). I wrote it to put a cattle prod up the nether regions of Murray Sinclair, so you should get a kick out of it.

One of the many survivors I quote in my book, Sylvester Green, was on the burial detail of the United Church camp in Edmonton during the 1960′s. He must have stuck over a hundred other kids in the ground over the two years he was incarcerated there, before he escaped.

Sylvester told me once that on Christmas Eve he and the other kids were given clean clothes for a change and then paraded in front of a local all-white congregation to sing Christmas carols for all the happy and appreciative Christian folks. Then Sylvester and the other children would be carted back to the camp and rewarded for their singing by getting to choose from among their number which of them would be raped and worse by Reverend Jim Ludford and his buddies. Normally the children had no choice.

I just thought you’d appreciate Sylvester’s account of how the system wasn’t so bad after all.


Kevin Annett

The Secret of my Unsuccess, or Cutting Loose from Sodom

by Kevin D. Annett

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You have to entertain the crowd, which is why fiction always has to make sense. The truth doesn’t. - Eugene O’Neill

If only you had have said ten percent of those kids died, maybe I would have believed you. But fifty percent, forget it. - MP Svend Robinson to the author, May 2003

For those who are nothing in the world have been chosen to bring to nothing the things that are. - 1 Corinthians

The masses have always needed a good show. Ask that consummate yarn-weaver David Icke, who regularly fills up places like Wembley Stadium with more than 30,000 avid groupies who no doubt get a great bang for their buck with tales of child eating Lizard People.

During his performances, Dave lays out the secret plans of our apparently reptilian overlords with a plethora of details unknown to the rest of us mortals. Somehow, Dave accesses and routinely makes public the exclusive dirt on the bad guys without getting whacked in the process, and with his considerable bank account and lifestyle left intact.

Okay, fine, so let’s pretend it’s all true. But where’s the proof, David?

Of course, right there is my first mistake: asking for reality to enter in to the evening’s entertainment.

David Icke clearly knows how to work a big crowd better than I do, for he succeeds like he does by always adhering to their cardinal commandment: Give us a thrill and make it what we want to hear. I’ve never followed that rule, which makes me an unsuccessful entertainer. Maybe that explains why Dave has never answered my emails.

Nevertheless, new age conspiracists tend to flock to me for some reason, no doubt because they haven’t actually read my evidence of domestic war crimes in Canada which clearly shows that the problem, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves. Not a day goes by without me being deluged by some lonely guy or gal’s ponderous exposition of the real connection between Obama, aliens, the coming global stock market crash and the Knights Templar. And being fatally polite, I listen to them.

I used to do the same thing decades ago with another bunch of flakes on the University of BC’s psychiatric ward, where I worked as an orderly and shit-cleaner. Back then I assumed the same patiently attentive stance with whatever thorazine-pumped inmate held court to deliver their latest message from Alpha Centauri. Frankly, the Nut Ward inmates’ phantasms were a hell of a lot more interesting than the banal drivel that spills forth from today’s internet-reared lambkins who are experts on everything in creation save themselves. But of course IQ’s hadn’t taken the general nose dive back then that they have nowadays.

In truth, the method to the madness never changes. The unprovable claims of any New Age Know It All appeal to a need by the fearful to be provided with the breast milk of a simplistic, all encompassing answer to the general global madness in which we are immersed. And exactly why the crowd is so dependent on a big lie isn’t rocket science: people have been taught not to think for themselves but to rely on someone else. And yet rather than learning to milk that reliance like all the other professional answer-givers do, I still assume that people want to discover the brutal facts of life and death for themselves and do something about it, when my experience shows the opposite.

Naturally, this sad deference to another’s wisdom is made that much worse by an internet technology where any assertion becomes hard evidence just because someone says it is. The speed by which rumor and opinion morphs into commonly accepted fact has become breathtakingly instant. Acquiring information is now tantamount to doing something. And so in such a detached reality where anything can be immediately true, then obviously nothing can be.

So while it’s undeniable that at the end of the day people choose to remain stupid, in truth they can do little else within the modulated hive mind into which a rampant technology is absorbing us as a species. The key for our ultimate mastery was to get us all plugged into a single source of knowledge, and specifically a single electronic medium that could modulate our brain wave functions. That’s basically been achieved.

So if ultimate success for freedom fighters means winning the hearts and mind of the crowd: frankly, there isn’t a hell of a lot of either left to win within our comfy status quo. And yet despite our enslavement, there is a bigger script and an unseen hand at work that’s invisible only to those who console their tottering lives with the spectacular answers of the High Priests of Entertainment. Meanwhile, the earthworm of truth burrows under all our arrangements and can even dislocate the global plans of Tyranny.

The other day an interviewer asked me whether I was proud of what I’d achieved, in exposing official crime and bumping the mighty from their thrones. I answered her, paraphrasing Bertolt Brecht after World War Two, “Well, some of the bastards have fallen, but the bitch that reared them is in heat again.” 

The truth is that as long as we fight it on its own terrain, nothing we do alters the nature of the enemy we face, and so its crimes and depredations are never stopped. They just find a new way to operate. Of course, that’s not the kind of thing most of you want to hear, which is why you’ll never hear it from the likes of a David Icke and other successful showmen. But it happens to be true, as your own experience testifies every day. 

The only issue now is whether or not you will leave the arena of the Adversary and set out for a new country altogether. But before all else, ahead of every clever technique or political analysis, such a journey requires vision: something by definition that you and I can acquire only from within ourselves, and not from self-proclaimed experts. 

Meanwhile, the show does carry on, but none of it is our concern. For unsuccessful performers like us never make a splash in Sodom or Gomorrah, since we aren’t meant to settle down and set up shop in the fallen city. Instead, by our defeats and the hard lessons thus learned we are made ready for our departure to something better. That’s something we keep forgetting.

In the meantime, I’ll leave the Lizards to Dave.


Dear Meryl Streep: A Wake Up Call from the Land of Terminal Niceness

by Kevin D. Annett

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Dear Meryl,

During your unabashedly courageous defense of civil liberties and the “submerged America” at the Golden Globe Awards the other night, you referred to actor Ryan Gosling in this manner: “Like all of the nice people, Ryan is a Canadian”.

Ouch,baby! Very ouch!

Having had my life destroyed and blacklisted by a host of “nice” Canadians after I exposed their not so nice genocide of many tens of thousands of aboriginal children in their Christian labor camps called schools, I hope I’m not appearing too jaded or biased when I tell you that you are woefully misinformed about Canada and its people. But since most Americans can’t even say how many provinces we have or where Toronto is located, your attitude isn’t exactly unusual, even among Hollywood liberals who pride themselves on being politically erudite.

Canadians have honed a hypocritical smugness and an “aren’t we so much better than those gun toting redneck Yankees” attitude to a fine art. We constantly cast our moral stones to the south while wading through and ignoring our own mounds of corpses. Our deliberate veneer of “niceness” that has historically concealed so many of our crimes is much like the arch-typical town child rapist who always has an impeccably beloved public image even as he ravages the innocent. If your average Canuck seems “nicer” to you than your own countrymen, Meryl, then I’m afraid you’re confusing duplicity and moral cowardice with pleasantness.

Canadians are “nice” simply to avoid causing an upset or controversy to anyone: especially when they’re authority figures, including murderers and criminals in high office. Along with our pleasant affect as a people comes a craven deference to power, a pathological fear of change, and the lowest conviction rate for child rapists anywhere in the western world. Indigenous people in our country have a not-so-nice standard of living about seventieth in the world, below Thailand and Brazil, plus a national death rate as high as it was a century ago.

In reality, Meryl, Canada is a closed and authoritarian society with none of the formal separations of power found in your country. Our elected politicians’ oath of office isn’t even made to our people or to a Constitution, but to an aging autocrat on a throne in London; and our head of state isn’t elected but is the Queen’s personal appointee, the Governor General, who can dismiss the government at any time. Rule by fiat and overt corruption is the name of the game up here. And so not accidentally, after World War Two Canada smuggled more Nazis into our country than any nation in the world, while restricting Jewish attendance at our universities to no more than 1% of the student body. And that nice little arrangement didn’t change until long after male Indians finally got the vote here: some time around 1968.

So if indeed Canadians are imbued with “niceness”, then I’m afraid it’s of the terminal variety.

Terminal Niceness is something I witnessed up close and personal as a United Church clergyman when I had the audacity to open my pulpit to the tortured aboriginal survivors of Christian Canada’s homegrown gulags. Being a properly groomed Canadian I kept smiling to my congregation in our terminally nice co-dependency right until the moment I was nicely terminated. And then I became the kind of not very enjoyable social outcast that no self-respecting Canadian likes to be associated with. The blood soaked Canadian history I’ve revealed is well, not very nice. So my fellow Canadians just ignore it all and consider me as simply rude.

I envy you Americans. You tend to say what you mean and mean what you say, regardless of your politics. We’re much too British for that. You see yourselves as citizens first, not as “subjects” like us, and everybody in Yankee Land is always squawking about their unalienable liberties. Now that’s extremely un-Canadian of you to do so. For up here what matters above all else is politeness, order, and not offending anyone. I mean, Jesus! We even apologize when we’re the ones being bumped into!

In short, dear Meryl, we Canadians have elevated blandness into a national icon to which we pay daily homage, sacrificing at that altar any semblance of truth, justice and accountability. Maybe that impudent countryman of yours, Billy Bob Thornton, put it best: “Canada is like mashed potatoes without the gravy”. Personally I prefer a richer diet. But then again, I am half American.

Anyway, Meryl, congrats about your award, and your fine tearful performance the other night. Although the grass may seem greener over on our side of the invisible line, please do cherish the simple fact that, unlike Canadians, you guys have a heritage of something more than passive conformity to whatever latest gangster is in the saddle. 

Canada? Shit, I can carve a better nation out of a banana.



p.s. You may now want to read my latest tomes, available at amazon.com , especially Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada and 1497 and so on: A History of White People in Canada. (see the links below). Or tune in to our irreverently subversive blog show Radio Free Kanata every Sunday. Ciao baby.

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