Reset This! Why has the Second Coming boiled down to a cheque in the mail? An Irreverent Poke at the New Age Bafflegab that has fooled many

by Kevin D. Annett

Men are insane. They cannot make a worm, yet they create gods by the hundreds” – - – Michel de Montaigne

​”We don’t want money. We don’t want power. We want a new world” - Zapatista slogan, Chiapas, Mexico, 1994​



I haven’t any idea what keeps getting sprayed in our atmosphere. But my buddy Ludwig seems to know.

I asked him how he knows.

Isn’t it obvious what they’re doing to us?” he replied.

Well, no …” I mistakenly replied. “Who is they?”

Then Ludwig got angry.

Looking up every day, I imagine that the shimmering white streams being spilled all over the sky could be anything from job creation to a cluster of psychopaths’ idea of global domination. It could be. But I have no way of knowing.

All my friends seem to know the truth about the lines in the sky, even though they have as little proof as I do. That’s why we don’t talk much anymore.

I went away to war when I was thirty eight, and I know up close what man can do. I assume the worst of any government. Or church. But I still want the proof. That makes me frustrating to all of my former friends, like Ludwig.

I’ve stopped trying to point out to the True Believers that ninety four percent of the universe is not only invisible, but undetectable … except, it seems, to the Believers.

Which brings us to the Financial Reset.

I assume you’ve heard of it. Any day now (the day has been about to happen for at least six years, and keeps getting nudged forward in the manner of any millenarian prophecy), some mysterious and powerful group alternately known as “the White Hats” or “the Star Family” (or is it instead that svelte hunk Vladimir Putin?) is going to readjust the global financial system, instantly make vast amounts of wealth available to everyone, cancel all debt, and give everybody justice.

That’s what the consensus is, at least, among the internet faithful whose faith in “The Reset” is on par with a devout papist’s certainty that enough prayers to a dead virgin will usher one into paradise.

The details of “The Reset” are necessarily vague, as befits any creed for the desperate and the beguiled. The Believers regularly contradict themselves and each other about the details, but they are united by one common tenet of faith, namely, that all we need to be “saved” is enough cash. And in that sense, the “Reset” cult resembles more than anything a theology for shopkeepers.

How sad it is that of all the things to build True Faith on and long for, the modern True Believer can only hope for his credit card debts to be wiped clean. What a sign of how far we have fallen, indeed, but also, how banal we’ve become. Once, our vision of the New Age was of Christ returning to restore the earth and mankind to God’s own bosom. Today, we just want the chance to buy more stuff.

I’m hard headed, I guess, which is why the other day I ignored the lesson gleaned from my previous ugly encounter with ex buddy Ludwig, and gently confronted one of the Reset Believers over coffee.

“It’s right around the corner!” the Believer was expositing to me with an odd gleam in his eyes. “They call it NESARA in the United States: an act of Congress that will free us all from debt slavery! It’s all part of the Reset!”

“So let me get this straight” I replied. “The bankers are going to suddenly extinguish themselves and turn over all their loot care of the US government? Why would a shark suddenly turn vegetarian like that?”

Flashing me the same look that my Sunday school teacher had given me when, at age eight, I had asked why God killed his own son, the Believer barked,

“It’s going to happen, you’ll see! There’ll be an announcement from President Obama about it at the same time he announces that the star ships have landed!”

Star ships?

Now we’re getting somewhere! Alien saviors bailing out a doomed humanity is your standard and familiar millenarian weltanschung common to any Final Days Cult; and apparently, such a faith in a literal “salvation from above” lies at the root of the Financial Reset dogma. After all, that’s the way us slaves have been programmed to think since before time immemorial: to look to those “above” us to do what we can’t and won’t do for ourselves. We’ve lived vicariously through kings and saints and popes and messiahs and Official Experts for 6000 years, boys and girls: so why stop now?

I suggested this observation to my Reset friend, and after offering a condescending remark about my ignorance and “cynicism” he, too, stopped talking to me, recognizing no doubt that I was simply beyond the pale.

To these apparently nonredeemable ears, “The Reset” sounds like some Wall Street Smart Boy’s idea of universal redemption; or maybe it’s simply a corporate spin doctor’s redirect of all our growing popular rage and hopes for a new world towards the lowest common denominator of individual self interest. That has been the general strategy of post war global capitalism, after all: to nullify the potentially revolutionary group identity of the working masses and alter it into the amorphous, ego-driven mindset of the “consumer” that will feed the system, not change it. And what else is the Reset Believer than the latest, desperate expression of that bourgeois horror, “the individual coal thrown out from the fire, each seeking his own salvation”? (The Thin Red Line)

“Show me the evidence” Noam Chomsky told me in 2002, when we were discussing how to deal with state smear campaigns.

“That’s always my first question to any accusation, or any belief system. Show me the evidence”.

Evidence, says the Oxford Dictionary, is “Provable information establishing whether something is true or valid, and which can be used in a legal investigation or be acceptable as testimony in a court of law”.

Actual evidence of a “Financial Reset” on the scale claimed by Believers would include official government or bank documents, correspondence, insider testimonies, or other first hand proof that Black is indeed White: that the corporate capitalist system is about to commit suicide and act completely contrary to its nature and self interest.

I have yet to see any such evidence. If it actually existed, we would have seen it by now, since every system has leaks and competing factions, and nothing this huge could remain so utterly undocumented and secret for so long – if it was real.

People believe what they want to and need to believe. And in a time like this, so many of us so desperately need to believe that the clearly murderous rulers who we allow to run the world are suddenly going to become human and nice, and beneficently bestow nirvana on all of us without any bloodshed or struggle. Such is the ideology of Despair, born of too much world weariness and defeat. Such fantasies and superstitions, like religion in general, are always held to and fed most strongly by those who are incapable of action or struggle anymore.

People like the Resetters.

​Personally, I don’t want the system “reset”. I want it abolished. And that makes me, and those like me, something more than a threat than the passive ,”Feed me, Big Brother!”​ dilettantes of the Reset Cult. Reset this genocidal, rapacious system? Hardly.

“Prove all things” wrote my jailed ancestor Peter Annett, in a “seditious” pamphlet he wrote in 1761 that simply asked for proof that Christ had actually performed miracles. From Bridewell prison in London, Peter commented in a letter to friends shortly before he died,

“Reason is divinity taken flesh in us, for nothing that is true can be in opposition to Reason. Armed thus, we will drive falsity to the bottomless pit, extinguish pious enthusiasm and superstitious zeal, and raise humanity from the darkness of fear and religious presumption to that Truth, knowable and provable to the simplest mind, that makes all things good.”

If the new world is indeed around the corner, it won’t come in the form of money or any official “reset”, nor will it be given to us by anyone or anything: especially invisible saviors. It will come from clear minds, awakened conscience, and the love of humanity for itself and our belief in ourselves.

Reset nothing. Recreate everything.

“A modern day marvel …” : Latest book by Kevin Annett

The latest explosive book by Nobel Prize Nominee Kevin Annett is ” … a modern day marvel and a pleasure to read …” 
(Amazon reviewer Angelyn Ray, on “Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis”, Author House, 2015)

 Like Salman Rushdie’s  Joseph Anton,  Kevin Annett’s novel, through the scope and freedom of fiction, allows him to describe the trials of a man who seeks to oppose and bring to justice people in high places who are protected by the government, the justice system, and the popular media. The action ranges from Vancouver Island to Central Florida and spans some thirty years of the protagonist’s life. It is a human tragedy written with humor and compassion. It is strictly for a mature and serious readership of all ages.    
- From the back cover of “Samuel Wedge”

Annett is an accomplished writer and a natural master of words. It’s advisable to undertake the read when you can go into your own depths, whatever that takes. It will drag you through the sediment of your own basest impulses, inspire you to the rawest honesty a human heart can realize, and then dare you to bridge the great divide between, with no devices and no tools, equipped only with the laser burn of that searing honesty.THE MAN: Galileo…Snowden…Socrates. Annett is a teacher among us from whom we could learn how to save the world (isn’t that what we all want to do, yes, no?). In the end, he calls himself a witness. Not only has he seen and heard, he has told what he has seen and heard. It is that witness, which he brazenly puts forth in this novel, which will do its part to turn the tides we all ride in these times. A story not included in “Samuel Wedge” is an exorcism he once performed on the Vatican – the sort of “brazenness” to which I refer. The fact that he persists in the telling, using one medium after another, is a modern-day marvel, and I, for one, am grateful.

- Amazon Books reviewer Angelyn Ray, February 10, 2015

Kevin Annett’s new novel, Samuel Wedge is a gradually evolving chronicle of evil told by an old man, trying but failing to escape from a terrible secret. More sober than Joyce Cary’s larcenous but charming Gulley Jimson, but devastated less by the honor of struggle than Ernest  Hemingway’s Old Man, Santiago, Wedge vacillates between his Florida sanctuary and his former  Davidian confrontation, his combat avec ses defenseurs, with overpowering adversaries as a former young pastor in a remote logging town on Vancouver Island.  

- Florida reviewer Betty Richeson, February 18, 2015

“Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis” by Kevin D. Annett is available through and Barnes and Noble. Published by Author House (Bloomington, IN), 2015 . ($19.95) Also available through the author’s distributor at and in “e” book format.

Kevin Annett reads from his new book, and announces new radio program

An excerpt from the just released novel “Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis” (Author House, 2015) is read by its author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Rev. Kevin Annett.

Kevin also announces the launching of his new weekly public affairs blog radio program Radio Free Kanata on Sunday, March 1, 2015 (6 pm eastern time).

See , and . Posted 3 February, 2015.

Kevin Annett publishes explosive Novel: January 23, 2015

Management Research Associates  Media Release

 Vancouver, B.C. – Daytona Beach, Florida

 January 23, 2015

Nobel Nominee Kevin Annett Publishes Explosive Novel​  

   Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis

          On the 20th Anniversary of his kangaroo court firing from the United Church of Canada, Reverend Kevin Annett has produced a blockbuster novel: an autobiographical treatment, emboldened by fiction, which reveals more than most people want to hear about Church, State and even  judicial chambers.

To be released  by AuthorHouse in Bloomington,  Indiana next week, it will be in a bookstore near you shortly. In paperback, the cost is $19.95, and even cheaper in e-book format.

Salman Rushdie, in his Satanic Verses nearly 27 years ago,  committed what was perceived as blasphemy in the Muslim world but – despite a fatwah  amounting to a death sentence on his head issued by the Ayatollah Khoumeini – he was sheltered in the Christian world by right-thinking readers, U.K. officialdom and Scotland Yard bodyguards. He described his nervous subsequent years more recently in a fictionalized treatment, Joseph Anton, even as he became a literary lion in America and a favorite of both polite society and the literati.

Kevin Annett chose his giant adversaries wisely but too well, although unlike Rushdie, his was the wrong environment. As a United Church of Canada pastor in a half-native logging town on Vancouver Island in 1992, he uncovered evidence of atrocity suggesting genocide a hundred years in the making in an Indian “residential school” operated by his employer church. Ultimately revealing that the same brutal conditions had prevailed in similar “schools” across Canada, operated for a century by the three leading church organizations and the government, Kevin refused to remain silent, and as a result has seen his life trashed by the forces of church and state.

Samuel Wedge  is the 30-year odyssey of a protagonist who leaves the sodden old-growth forest of British Columbia for the relative sanctuary of central Florida, alternately told by a sadder but wiser beachcomber harboring a terrible secret and, in his earlier configuration, a crusading young truth-teller confronting the most powerful people on the continent.

A tragedy brilliantly written with humor and compassion, the odyssey of Samuel Wedge is up-front, personal and not for kiddies or the faint of heart.

“In the councils of church and state,” writes reviewer Elizabeth Richeson, “and beyond –  in the very boardrooms, the editorial offices and the judicial chambers of those who control today’s world – there is murderous injustice in the form of tiny crucifixions that routinely take place, never talked about – or even mentioned – in our carefully manicured society and our narrowly censored media. Samuel Wedge  and his creator Kevin Annett have produced a bombshell with a delayed fuse that has been quietly igniting for more than 20 years.”

Kevin Annett was recently re-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by scholars in America and not, tellingly, by his own countrymen.

Kevin will be commencing a book and speaking tour across the world during February, 2015.

Advance autographed copies of Samuel Wedge can be ordered through Management Research Associates at .

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