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The Mush Hole Missing Children Investigation

Why two kids to a grave doesn’t matter: More than innocence is buried To have come so far, and suffered so much, to finally hold the reason for it all in my hand. The truth has become as immediately hard and real as these brown bone shards themselves, from a hip, a leg, a spine: [...]


The last Christmas we were all together hangs over memory like the fog did that year in the Alberni valley. It was a time of gathering, two years and more of labor summoning so many together where once there were but a few. And it was a time of ending. The church stewards had warned [...]

Remembering What Cannot Be, yet Which Must Be

As a boy in Winnipeg, it was a day when I could show off in my boy scout uniform for all the girls, and we got the day off from school; so it was indeed a memorable time. But exactly what and who I was to remember on November 11 never was clear to me, [...]