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Can a “White Man” Speak about the Crimes of his own Culture?

An Open Letter to Pastor Kathy Nelson and the Dismantling Racism Committee of the Peace United Church of Christ in Duluth, Minnesota Dear friends, Recently, I was told that your months-old invitation to me to preach to your congregation on February 5 has been withdrawn because of the alleged protests of two unidentified “native men”, [...]

Is it Nothing to You? Another Hero Falls Ricky Lavallie: 1960-2012

Ricky Lavallie: 1960 – 2012 By Kevin D. Annett Ricky Lavallie is dead. He was a 51 year old native man, and was the sole witness to the murder by three Vancouver policemen of another key aboriginal activist in our network, Johnny Bingo Dawson. The sudden death of Ricky Lavallie on January 3 has wiped [...]

Waking up to what we Are, and What we can Be: Thoughts on this Week’s Latest Panic

When our adversary loses his liberties, it’s called justice. When we lose ours, it’s called dictatorship.  – Ammon Henacy I’ve been advised by people apparently in the know that America officially became a police state this past week, with the passing of President Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Meanwhile, across the waters, friends in [...]