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Torture by any other Name: How the Abomination Continues

  A Sequel to The Forgiveness Fallacy It felt like they were raping me all over again, but this time they were calling it healing and reconciliation. – Sylvester G., aboriginal torture victim, after attending Canada’s “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” hearing in Vancouver, 2011 Torture is the perfect crime … in the vast majority of [...]

From 1761 to 2012: What has changed in England? Lessons from My Ancestor Peter, a Stansted Prison, and a Digger named Winstanley

On December 19, 1761, author and publicist Peter Annett was arrested on a charge of blasphemy and sedition for questioning scripture and the authority of  the Church through nine editions of his news sheet The Free Enquirer (Oct. 17 – Dec. 12, 1761). He was prosecuted in London by the Attorney General and sentenced by [...]

The Forgiveness Fallacy: Standing by our Painful Truth

By way of an introduction: Why Do We Tolerate the Destruction of Children, and Those Who Are Responsible? I wrote the following piece, The Forgiveness Fallacy, because my life has reached an impasse, and a crisis. Like the proverbial Job, no human answers have satisfied my grieving heart and soul – my simple “why?” All [...]