Everything I need to know about my detractors I learned on Ward Two West

Those who in their madness pray for storms, dream that storms will bring them peace. – Mikhail Lermontov​

​All men are essentially mad. They cannot even make a worm, but they create gods by the hundreds. – Michel de Montaigne​

Eddie Myers started hating me one morning right before his daily meds.

I hadn’t done anything to make him hate me, of course, besides once telling him to stop shouting at other patients in the day room. Usually, we got along well, no doubt because I was the only staff member to laugh at the poor kid’s dumb jokes and play cribbage with him. But none of that mattered, suddenly, the moment I became ​to him ​The Enemy.

​​“Never make friends with the patients” a Big Nurse Ratchet look alike had gloomily warned me when I began my job as a psych assistant on Ward Two West of the University of BC Psychiatric hospital.

“They’ll be your best buddy one minute and try killing you the next.”

Big Nurse knew what she was talking about. The first day I was on the job, she dropped her guard around an Involuntary just hauled before us by the cops, and after leaning close to the guy to smilingly ask him how he was doing, received his full fisted mercies and was quickly out cold on the floor of the nursing station.

Eddie had never delivered such a wallop in my direction, but his words were as sharp as a fish gutting knife the morning he turned on me, his one friend on staff.

“You’re a fucking faggot who’s been trying to get into my pants!” he declared, as I handed him his​ Thorazine.

My shocked expression didn’t faze Eddie, who yelled at the equally appalled nurse next to me,

“I seen you two fucking in the back! I’m gonna report you to my lawyer for trying to poison me ’cause I know what you’re up to in here!”

Then he tossed the pills away and spat in my face.

By the end of that week, Eddie had most of the other patients on the war​d ​lined up against me. Chronic paranoids do that sort of thing. The bigger members of his new ​”​Get Kevin​”​ cult were even threatening physical violence against me.

Big Nurse advised me not to take it personally, which was easy for her to say, of course, ensconced as she was by then in the safety of the back office. But I had to be out circulating every day with all the hate filled lunatics.

Some things never change.

I wasn’t especially surprised when the haters started in on me again this past month, with the usual self righteousness of the insane. But I have been somewhat bemused by the remarkable deja vu quality of the antics of Alfred Webre and Alex Hunter and the other Gong Show participants as they try so earnestly to shred me apart in public with nothing but fabrications, like some latter day Eddie Myers.

Eddie, of course, didn’t have a global blog radio program with which to lead his assault against me. His audience was limited to ​the​ dozen or so fellow denizens of Ward Two West. Alfred Webre has an advantage over Eddie in that sense, Al’s own neurosis notwithstanding. But Eddie at least made me laugh sometimes.

Being in the cross hairs of those who hate you without reason is pretty upsetting, at first, but only as long as you don’t understand what motivates their pointless hatred. And like my erstwhile buddies back on the Ward, this most recent cluster of “Kill Kevin” shriekers who have been gathered at no small expense to trash me on the internet all bear the same trait: an absolutely obsessed conviction that if only this one man – me – can be “exposed”, justice will prevail.

Just like Eddie.

Now, I’m sure there’s more to it than that. There’s obviously something besides group insanity at work when previously unconnected people are quickly gathered, briefed, and filmed to chant in unison the same script. There’s obvious money and organization behind the apparent spontaneous conviction of these oh-how-sincere “witnesses” to Kevin Annett’s “duplicity”. In fact, we know precisely from whom and where the money is coming.

Fear too is clearly at work. Alfred at least has been threatened. Only fear causes someone to completely and publicly contradict himself within a few days, and join a smash up campaign ​against me ​that he had just previously condemned. I for one would like him to explain what happened between December 9 and 14 to cause him to embark on his present deranged course. For he is clearly trying to prove his loyalty to someone by demonstrating his absolute disloyalty to me, and to the ITCCS.

But at the end of the day, none of it really matters, any more than it did back on the Ward. One must avoid too close a contact with the patients and their delusions, after all, just like Big Nurse warned me. For after awhile, their fantasies and obsessions can become ours, no matter what the loonies call themselves, and how much money is behind them.

As for what is prompting all of this​ latest nuttiness​: at the risk of banality, let me say that there is a method to their madness. Any lie, if repeated long enough by enough people, enters into group think and becomes the truth. What Alfred and the other ​ Chronics are doing is such basic psychological programming, with a simple aim: to discredit the ITCCS and its verdicts, and quickly​, while trying desperately to discover who runs the ITCCS, to eliminate them​.

Why​ such a desperate campaign now​? Because we have shown in practice that criminals in high office can be tried and convicted in common law courts; and that the authority of such rulers can thereby be nullified and replaced by we, the people, acting in our own name. That’s something no ruler can allow. But the why is even more specific.

The ITCCS discovered recently that the Vatican-Ndrangheta child trafficking network and its friends in the Canadian government – like Harper cabinet ​minister​ Denis Lebel – are making common cause with the Chinese government and its Triad criminal associates who control the pacific rim “human meat market”. And before the Chinese new year on February 19, top mob, church and government officials will be meeting in Vancouver to cement a deal.

The ITCCS was informed of this meeting on December 10​. That was​ right at the same time that Alfred Webre suddenly began his public tirade against us to derail the ITCCS and its upcoming Grand Jury in Vancouver: an inquiry into these crimes that is scheduled to convene on January 15. But I’ll leave the details of all this to an upcoming ITCCS Communique.

Everything does becomes clear, once you step away from the insane asylum and use the common sense and heart understanding that, like the common law itself, is nature’s gift to all free people. It’s time that all of us turn off the internet gossip and its toxicity, and resume our purpose of saving childrens’ lives by stopping the criminals who are torturing and killing them at this very moment.

As for me: frankly, I’ve had enough of lunatics.