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The Canada Comedy Hour (upcoming Radio Program)

Welcome to The Canada Comedy Hour: Where Credibility and Credulity gets stretched thinner than the 49th parallel! (Canned music and applause) Voice: Hello everybody! I’m your handsome host, Wink Harper! (More applause) Wink: Tonight’s show is brought to you by the friendly folks at Cameco Ltd., our very own Canadian Uranium company. As they say [...]

Some Advice to a Desperate “Pope”, from Kevin June 12, 2015 Dear Jorge, I hope you don’t mind me saying that you seem to be getting nuttier by the month. Just recently, for instance, you instructed your Bishops to not tell the police when children are raped by priests. Now this week, you’ve announced plans to investigate those same Bishops if they [...]

Breaking News Broadcast: June 9, 2015

Canada hides its Genocide to Conceal ongoing Crimes A commentary by Kevin Annett This week, Canada and its churches publicly whitewashed their killing of tens of thousands of indigenous children with an “official report” that exonerates the perpetrators, and hides continuing genocide . But according to Kevin Annett, who has exposed the Canadian Holocaust [...]