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Two Daring New Canadian Plays – A Call

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 30, 2017 Brian Sharpe and Associates are proud to announce the upcoming production of two new theatrical works by Angus Byrne: DOPPELGANGER and MY LOVELY CANADIAN. Both plays will commence production in Vancouver during the summer and fall of 2017 and will then be taken on a cross-country tour. DOPPELGANGER [...]

Not Living for Ourselves

Hi friends. The following is an excerpt from a book I’m writing called “Fallen”, about four of the aboriginal members of our movement in Vancouver who were killed: Bingo, Harry, William and Ricky. I know you’d all relate: One night a year after Harry Wilson had died I was speaking to a gathering of stricken [...]

Loving what we know: William and me

by Kevin D. Annett Wandering into the outback of one’s sixties invariably leaves me, at least, with a persisting sense of exile. Perhaps I’m not alone, if the strained and semi-confused demeanor of other folks my age means anything. The lot of us came of age during the 1960′s, after all, when the tyrants were [...]

What is this Thing called Trump? The Little Man Syndrome in all of us

by Kevin D. Annett You’re afraid to look at yourself, little man, afraid of criticism, and afraid to be free, to be candid rather than scheming, to be capable of loving, not like a thief in the night but in broad daylight. You despise yourself, little man, and so you must despise everyone around you. [...]