Two Daring New Canadian Plays – A Call


Brian Sharpe and Associates are proud to announce the upcoming production of two new theatrical works by Angus Byrne: DOPPELGANGER and MY LOVELY CANADIAN. Both plays will commence production in Vancouver during the summer and fall of 2017 and will then be taken on a cross-country tour.

DOPPELGANGER is a drama set in a hypothetically future Canada after a successful revolution. The plot centers on a former Caucasian clergyman who is standing trial for alleged war crimes before an aboriginal court of law. This is a play about identity and collective guilt, about who gets to judge whom. Behind all the appearances and crimes dwells the Doppelganger, the “Other One” within each of us as individuals and as nations.

MY LOVELY CANADIAN is a comical-tragedy centered on a not-so-typical Canadian family. Corporate malfeasance, high level conspiracies, foreign intrigues and sordid family plots all shine a remarkable light on English Canadian culture and its self-exculpating foibles. “How many Canadians does it take to change a light bulb? It doesn’t matter, since none of them will admit that it needs changing!”

Angus Byrne is the pseudonym of a blacklisted Canadian writer.

The Producers are accepting applications from actors and technical staff. A casting call, auditions and rehearsals will commence during June 2017 in Vancouver. Please send all resumes and inquiries to Brian Sharpe and Associates c/o .
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Issued 30 May, 2017