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Kevin Annett: A Portrait at Sixty One

So tell us, Kevin, are you a happy man? The term is ambiguous. It’s like asking if the sun ever shines on me. Let me put it another way: Are you satisfied with your life? With my work, yes of course I am, but not because of the work; that’s merely an expression of my [...]

Two Daring New Canadian Plays – A Call

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 30, 2017 Brian Sharpe and Associates are proud to announce the upcoming production of two new theatrical works by Angus Byrne: DOPPELGANGER and MY LOVELY CANADIAN. Both plays will commence production in Vancouver during the summer and fall of 2017 and will then be taken on a cross-country tour. DOPPELGANGER [...]

Not Living for Ourselves

Hi friends. The following is an excerpt from a book I’m writing called “Fallen”, about four of the aboriginal members of our movement in Vancouver who were killed: Bingo, Harry, William and Ricky. I know you’d all relate: One night a year after Harry Wilson had died I was speaking to a gathering of stricken [...]

Loving what we know: William and me

by Kevin D. Annett Wandering into the outback of one’s sixties invariably leaves me, at least, with a persisting sense of exile. Perhaps I’m not alone, if the strained and semi-confused demeanor of other folks my age means anything. The lot of us came of age during the 1960′s, after all, when the tyrants were [...]