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Proudly Canadian: Doing Right by all our Pets

by Kevin D. Annett   My bleeding Canadian heart was so relieved the other day when I read that a government forensics team has hurried to our west coast to disinter and properly bury the remains of some of those adorable Husky sled dogs that were executed by a firing squad soon after the Vancouver Olympics. And [...]

Table Talk No. 7 – Keeping the Long View and Being our own Best Hope:

An Unrelenting Remembrance by Kevin D. Annett   No one can prevent you from living in accordance with your own nature; therefore what is sacred lies within your own mind and its capacity to direct your life according to justice and integrity. – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Someone asked me the other day whether I mind [...]

Table Talk No. 6 – The Crystal Spirit: With Farid in a British prison

Fallen reading by Kevin Annett I wear as a badge of honor my deportation from a country of liars and cut throats. – Big Bill Haywood, labor organizer and revolutionary, 1920   Old Peter Annett would have been proud of me, I suppose.  Like my free thinking ancestor, I was tossed into a British prison for [...]