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Loving what we know: William and me

by Kevin D. Annett Wandering into the outback of one’s sixties invariably leaves me, at least, with a persisting sense of exile. Perhaps I’m not alone, if the strained and semi-confused demeanor of other folks my age means anything. The lot of us came of age during the 1960′s, after all, when the tyrants were [...]

What is this Thing called Trump? The Little Man Syndrome in all of us

by Kevin D. Annett You’re afraid to look at yourself, little man, afraid of criticism, and afraid to be free, to be candid rather than scheming, to be capable of loving, not like a thief in the night but in broad daylight. You despise yourself, little man, and so you must despise everyone around you. [...]

Mold by any other Name: Election Upset gives the “Greens” their Chance

by Kevin D. Annett    The Granola Crowd’s day has come. On May 9, British Columbia voters gave the Green Party three seats and the balance of power. Now Canada’s ostensibly environmental party will decide who will “govern” the west coast and its vast resources: the corporatist Liberals – presently holding 43 seats – or [...]

A Modest Proposal for Dealing with Donald Trump: Eat the President

By Kevin D. Annett “Oh, I could just eat him right up!” - an elderly female Donald Trump supporter, Baltimore, September 2, 2016 In these latter days of planetary hysteria, everyone seems to be the enemy and the real villains keep getting away with their shit cloaked behind a three second sound bite. It’s enough to [...]