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Latest Pin Pricks by The Irreverend Kevin Annett

Dear humanity, You’re all crazy.  Trust me: I’ve worked on psych wards and in churches. I can spot all the signs. You’ll undoubtedly notice with some chagrin that I said You are all crazy. Correct. I leave myself out of this particular equation. Let me clarify. Maybe I shouldn’t  have called you all crazy. It’s [...]

The Hard Truth about the Crime called Canada

Margaret Sepass was raped and then beaten to death by an Anglican priest named John Warner on December 5, 1969, at St. Michael’s Indian school in Alert Bay, British Columbia. Margaret was nine years old. Her burial site is unknown and John Warner was never charged. On January 5, 1938, Albert Gray was beaten to [...]

There is No Cure in Gilead: Truth and Consequences in Canada

(composed at the finale of the Truth and Reconciliation performance, Vancouver, September 22, 2013) The gang raping and torture of the little brown boys and girls stopped for one evening, and for that evening alone. Remarkably, the lean and anemic children were given a regular meal, and a change of clothes, and even a bath. [...]