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Farewell to my Fifties: How I Debunked Shakespeare

Requiem: A Guide for Perplexed Pilgrims Vol. 1, No. 9 – February 4, 2016​  ​ ​by Kevin D. Annett       The only thing costlier than getting older is getting wiser.  ….. The night before I turned twenty, four decades ago, I tried to get drunk in a quiet pub in Hamilton, Ontario. Just laid [...]

“Classic” new book by Kevin Annett “arouses and summons”:

Unrelenting is available on March 1, 2016 A narrative of extraordinary power and importance, Unrelenting is the long-awaited account of how one man’s courage toppled a Pope and changed the face of Canada and the world. The twenty year saga of Reverend Kevin Annett to expose genocide and child torture by his own culture has been recounted in [...]

Requiem No. 7: In Memory of Pete and Lenny

Requiem: A Guide for Perplexed Pilgrims Published by Kevin D. Annett Vol. 1, No. 7: January 25, 2016   Two good friends of mine departed our Veil of Tears awhile back. Here’s my long delayed paean to them. Remembering Pete Seeger, and Della and Sam The fat cats’ media never reported it, naturally. I heard about [...]

Requiem, No. 5: Talking Basics and Mortal Coils

A Weekly Column published by Kevin D. Annett January 17, 2016 If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man. - Henry Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, 1849 I turn sixty in less than a month. I was tempted to wait until the Big Day to share this little ditty with you [...]