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Unrelenting: The Saga Continues

Below are excerpts read by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Rev. Kevin Annett from his soon to be published book Unrelenting: a heart-felt chronicling of his quarter century struggle against every odd to prosecute domestic genocide and child killers. This will be the basis of a major new documentary and feature film. Please post and share. [...]

Three Minute Memories triumph again: “Liberals” trounce “Conservatives” in the Canadian election – but the Corporation carries on, for now

by Kevin D. Annett  Illusion is the most tenacious trait in humanity. History teaches but it has no pupils.                        – Antonio Gramsci Two millenia ago, the emperors of the Chin dynasty developed the earliest known type of crowd control. An especially hated minister of the government would periodically be thrown to the mob and ripped [...]

The Purpose and Nature of our Struggle By Kevin D. Annett Whoever grasps and holds onto the essential energy (shih) of a situation will control the outcome of any battle and the fate of any opponent, no matter how powerful they are. – Sun Tzu, The Art of War Men always begin revolutions with their [...]

Vicky Sepass: My role in her death, and my own

by Kevin D. Annett   Punishment is now unfashionable. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility.                                                            Thomas Szasz The federal government conducted experiments on First Nations children in residential schools … One of the schools was located in Port Alberni.                                                                                                                           Southam News Service, April 26, 2000 …………………. She was slightly older [...]