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Table Talk No. 6 – The Crystal Spirit: With Farid in a British prison

by Kevin Annett I wear as a badge of honor my deportation from a country of liars and cut throats. – Big Bill Haywood, labor organizer and revolutionary, 1920   Old Peter Annett would have been proud of me, I suppose.  Like my free thinking ancestor, I was tossed into a British prison for thinking certain [...]

Puppet native politicians shut down play on Vancouver Island genocide; Producers vow to continue

 Breaking News, Friday July 21, 2017 Duncan, British Columbia The first attempt to stage a play about medical experimentation on aboriginal children by Canadian church and state has been derailed by two state-funded native politicians with a long history of complicity in genocide. This past week, “Chiefs” William Seymour and Joe Thorne of the Cowichan [...]

Available Now! Kevin Annett’s Latest book “Fallen: The Story of the Vancouver Four”

  Now Available through Amazon and Createspace: To order: List Price: $14.95 – Release Date: Sunday June 18 2017 ​Fallen is a personal recollection and reflection concerning the lives of four men known to the author, all of whom died. The four characters were survivors of the murderous “Indian residential schools” of Canada and [...]